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Caesium Clock

Caesium Clock

Version 0.4.4
Released 10/9/2005

  • New Server locations.
  • New Saves server preference.
  • New Extremely high resolution stopwatch.
  • Updated Schedule a time to synchronize your PC daily, hourly or even every minute without interuption.
  • Synchronize your PC to Atomic Time the most accurate time clock on the planet.
  • Very low resource and bandwidth useage. Less than one kilobyte of data transferred on each syncrhonization!
  • Minimizes to the System Tray to stay out of your way.
  • Can be set to automatically put itself in the system tray when run.
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Code Edit Pro

Code Edit Pro

Code Edit Pro is an open source editor designed to be used while editing source code files for various languages. It originally started as a way to edit assembly code for the Freescale HCS12 microcontroller with syntax highlighting but has since started supporting many languages as well as several other assembly languages. Code Edit Pro is listed on and its official website is hosted on

Here is a brief list of Code Edit Pro's Features
  • Group related files together in projects.
  • Projects support an unlimited amount of code, related documents, and command references such as build, assemble, compile, program, etc.
  • Related documents open in your associated Windows program. For example an associated spreadsheet would automatically be opened in excel.
  • Full syntax highlighting of a variety of languages namely:
    • HCS12 ASM
    • Intel 8051 ASM
    • IA32 (80386) ASM
    • IA32 (80386) ASM w/ FPU (80387)
    • PIC ASM
    • BASIC
    • C/C++
    • HTML
    • Java
    • Pascal
    • SQL
    • XML
  • Project searching which allows you to search the entire scope of your project for a word, variable, comment, etc. Your results show the file they are from and their line number. Simply double click on a result and be take to that spot in the file. Optional case sensitivity.
  • Quicky save one or all of your by simply clicking on the task bar. Any file that has been modified will be saved and a backup of its last save will be created with a .bak extension incase you need to roll back a change.
  • When running one of your configurable commands your project will automatically be saved before the command is run incase you forgot to hit save or if there are any detremental side effects to your system by spawning your assembler, debugger. This will also create .bak files for any file that has been modified.
  • Quickly comment or uncomment a block of code. The editor will automatically comment/uncomment the code in the language of the file. For example HCS12 ASM may use ; while C++ uses // for single line comments.

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